The Truth About the Cost of a Staffing Agency

I could paint you a hundred different pictures of you searching for employees. It could be that your best employee quits leaving you and your team in turmoil, or you’re spending hours trying to fill a position when you’re not getting your job done. It all can be handled the same way in the end. Partner with a staffing company to help you achieve your goals and stay focused on what you need to worry about most.

It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

We hear it all the time. “Staffing agencies are too expensive.” In reality, partnering with a staffing agency would save you money. We’ll definitely save you time. It’s more expensive when you try to take the time to fill positions yourself. You may think that it’s easy, but when you’re knee deep in resumes and have to weed out unqualified applicants, you’ll find that you’ve already taken a day just to pick your top 20. Now you have to go through those and figure out who you really want to bring in for an interview. And by the time you’ve made those calls, we’re at the end of another day. Getting all of them interviewed and then figuring out who was the best can take weeks, and you may not have that. That’s not even mentioning how much we can save you in the event that you chose the wrong person for the job!

Our Process Works

Let’s look at that same situation now from the perspective of someone who is working with a staffing agency. You pick up the phone and let us know what position you need filled. You go about your normal day, we let you know that we have someone who would be a good fit for the spot, and you pick a time to interview them. It’s really that simple. Your time is valuable, and any time spent away from building a better business can be a missed opportunity. We utilize Four Dimensional Matching to find the best fit for your position and the best fit for our candidate. This method has led to 200 permanent placements in the last year alone. We find the right hire so that you don’t have to worry about the costs of hiring the wrong person.

What are You Waiting For?

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call Barracuda Staffing today to see how we can help your business! If you find that staffing just isn’t right for you right now, we also have business consulting services and payroll services to assist you in growing and protecting your business. When we say it’s better with Barracuda, we mean it.

Written By: Sarah Poore