5 Traits to Look for in Your Next Recruiter

Hiring a Staffing Recruiter

When hiring a staffing recruiter, there are specific traits to look for. Although every recruiter is different, the best ones have a number of characteristics in common. When hiring a staffing recruiter, focus on finding these five traits.

1. Relationships

A top recruiter acts as a confidential sounding board, workforce/workplace expert and friend. A recruiter consistently talks with clients and candidates whether they’re working on business together or not. They build trust and encourage continual partnering on staffing and career needs. A recruiter encourages candidates to share their skills, experience, interests, career goals and other personal facts that impact their career decisions. They follow through by doing what they say they’ll do and earning a high number of referrals.

2. Technology

A successful recruiter uses an ATS or CRM as well as other tech to organize candidate information and extract insight from past processes to improve future ones. They use scheduling tools and calendar integrations to set up phone screens and interviews while minimizing back and forth communications. They use Google Analytics or recruitment marketing software to track relevant recruiting metrics and improve the firm’s bottom line.

3. Communication

A seasoned recruiter effectively communicates with clients and candidates in person, over the phone and through email. They clearly explain policies, procedures and other relevant topics. They actively listen and seek to understand client and candidate needs. The recruiter asks significant questions to gather information and make informed decisions. They retain information and go back to it when needed. A recruiter keeps clients and candidates updated on where they’re at in the recruitment process, so everyone stays on the same page. They consistently close on business that fits the best interest of everyone involved.

4. Marketing

An experienced recruiter can effectively promote their services, expertise and knowledge to clients and candidates. They remain organized with help from a CRM or ATS to maintain information on and contact with candidates and clients. They excel at convincing, negotiating and selling to consistently close business and hit targets.

5. Problem Solving

An in-demand recruiter excels at coming up with innovative ways to attract candidates with hard-to-find skills and encourages them to meet with the client rather than a competitor. A recruiter can speed up a client’s hiring process to increase the odds of placing the client’s desired candidate. They can help build a strong employer brand to attract and engage more quality candidates.

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