Steps to Expect in the Barracuda Process

Contact Us There are many ways you can contact us. We can be reached by phone, on the web, and of course in person. Apply You can either come to our office to speak with a representative directly, or call our office to speak with a recruiter to receive the application via email. Come In… Read More »

Leadership vs. Management

Not all leaders make great managers and not all managers make great leaders. There are traits one needs to have to make a successful leader. Here are a few of those traits: Ability to handle stress A leader must be able to handle stress and frustration with maturity and professionalism. Enthusiasm As leaders if we… Read More »

Challenges in the Staffing Industry

Every industry faces challenges on a daily basis. Companies that cannot overcome those challenges often fail. Being in the staffing industry, there are many challenges we face daily.  Let’s explore some of those challenges and how present and future candidates can help us overcome some of the challenges we face when trying to place a… Read More »

Ten Activities to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Most of us have been or desire to be leaders. But you may find that some people are better leaders than other. Here are some important characteristics that make great leaders, and you can take these into account to build your leadership skills. Listen Being able to listen is one of the most crucial skills… Read More »

The Importance of a Good Resume

Some people don’t realize how important resumes are when it comes to the hiring process, but they actually have a huge role to play! Certain employers won’t even hire you without one. It’s very important to always keep an up to date resume on hand to have the best chance at landing the job. However,… Read More »

3 Things that Wow in an Interview

When you have scheduled an interview with a staffing agency or potential employer, you want to stand out and be remembered. A lot of times when two candidates have the same experience on their resumes it is the candidate that “wowed” the interviewer that usually takes the lead. This is crucial for your job search… Read More »

Remaining Professional When an Interview Doesn’t Go Your Way

Understanding It is imperative to understand motives while in the job interview. For both the candidate and the hiring manager it is important to understand there is stress involved. Stress could be from the  job search process, family issues, financial issues, or overall frustration of circumstances on either side of the table. Be understanding. When… Read More »

Compassion in the Workplace

Why is it important to show compassion in the workplace? Regardless of the workplace environment, we should always show compassion to our teammates, clients and customers. There is an opportunity every day in all that we do to show others that we do care. A few ways to do this are: Be Respectful Respect others… Read More »

10 Tips for a Successful Interview: An Interviewer’s Perspective

We’ve all been there. The nerves, the constant stream of doubt funneling through our minds, the sweaty palms, wardrobe malfunctions, trying to decide on the right outfit. Rest assured that it does not always have to be this way. Here are a couple tips and tricks to a successful interview that I would like to… Read More »