Nothing But the Truth: Interview Honesty in Landing Jobs in Tulsa OK

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Nothing But the Truth: Interview Honesty in Landing Jobs in Tulsa OK

A surge of new jobs has been created in Tulsa OK, as a direct result of the Tulsa’s Future plan, an economic development plan being administered by the Tulsa Regional Chamber. More than 900 jobs were created in January this year, paving the way for a major reduction in unemployment rates in the area. With many people vying for jobs, Tulsa-based Barracuda Staffing has shared a few tips about job interviews, focusing specifically on honesty.

Frankly speaking, if your goal is landing jobs in Tulsa OK, you might want to come clean. Questions have been raised about the adage “Honesty is the best policy,” especially because liars usually get away with their mischief, and most people are now forced to lie under pressing circumstances or under the guise of “political correctness.” Since people have been slightly—if not severely—tweaking the truth for ages, the critical questions remain: Is honesty still applicable in today’s world, and is it a good principle to adhere to when looking for a job?

Barracuda Staffing, which lists various jobs from logistics to technology on a daily basis, nods its head. Admitting that you weren’t happy in your last job is better than lying about how you’ll be satisfied with any job. Coming clean about your discontent at your old job will help the agency make sure you won’t be placed in a similar situation in your new job.

Tell the agency if you’re looking for something challenging, something that will get your adrenaline pumping. Do you want to work on a high-rise construction project or be on the move from Tulsa to the seaboards? There are available jobs in Tulsa that may fit the bill, but only if you tell the job interviewer about your wants and needs. If you don’t speak up, you may wind up with a new job that you don’t like, and that’s no longer the agency’s fault.

Leave it to the agency to get you a job that suits your wants and needs, but it can’t do so if you’re not being true about yourself and what you really want. Lying about your credentials won’t help either, as most employers do a lot of background checking. Arguably, there might be a time when you think it is best to lie; this is not one of those times.

Tulsa is in full swing in terms of economic growth; be part of it now by landing that job you really want. List everything the employer needs to know in your resume, provide professional answers in the interview, and pray that there’s a vacancy with your name on it.

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