Helping out Furloughed Employees with Quality Jobs in Tulsa

Helping out Furloughed Employees with Quality Jobs in Tulsa

Federal budget cuts compelled sections of the entire US military to streamline operations. The Air Force alone returned to full operational status in June 2013 after curtailing a third of its overall component in the previous quarter. This measure has affected civilian employees, with some ordered to take Fridays off for the next three months – losing approximately 20% of their monthly pay, as is noted in the case of Matt Thompson, a former Army sergeant working as a mechanic at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Tacoma, WA.

Oklahoma itself has a moderate military presence, with Altus and Vance Air Force Bases housing training squadrons, Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City hosting logistics support and AWACS units, and Fort Sill in Lawton housing three Army brigades and two artillery schools. Although no military units are stationed anywhere near Tulsa, the situation at JB Lewis-McChord may be evident in the abovementioned bases as well. Fortunately, the city’s good business climate can offer civilian employees in the military a chance to earn additional money on the side. Tulsa jobs placement companies such as Barracuda Staffing can help mitigate this unfortunate situation by helping downsized employees find auxiliary income.

Some civilians on the Department of Defense’s payroll are former military personnel, themselves. Their former uniformed service gave them the opportunity to learn job skills along with mastering the art of soldiery. When developed to a point, these skills may be valuable items to put in a resume when the serviceperson enters the civilian job market.

There are former military personnel who have successfully shifted to civilian life in several industries. However, not all ex-servicemen and women make the leap as gently; it often requires a tougher self-assessment of skills and goals, especially for officers and senior enlisted personnel. Even when a contractual employee in the Armed Forces like Thompson is asked to go on furlough, submitting a resume in a placement firm’s database may be valuable in finding a second job for the spare time.

A placement firm such as Barracuda will often coordinate with numerous companies regarding openings for jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma. These are usually categorized by industry and location. As some of the openings – particularly those with high starting salaries and associated benefits – require certain degrees of experience, former military personnel that have the required skills may be put in the running for the post.

Changes in the global defense situation do affect military matters at home as has been the case with the Air Force’s recent temporary stand-down of some units. When this happens, a credible placement firm with a bevy of client firms can help furloughed defense employees land them a different job for the time being.


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