Putting Laid-off Workers on the Rebound with New Jobs in Tulsa, OK

Putting Laid-off Workers on the Rebound with New Jobs in Tulsa, OK

It is never a good day to report for work and find out that you’re among several dozen people who’ve just been served their walking papers. You need to set things in motion and continue your fortune somewhere else. Forbes.com staff writer Christopher Helman focuses on one of Oklahoma’s workforce lapses:

“The hammer fell on Chesapeake Energy on Tuesday. Following dozens of previous layoffs in past weeks, today 800 workers at the company got the axe.

In a letter to remaining employees, CEO Doug Lawler said that “the initial transformation work is finished.”

The layoffs impacted at least 640 people at Chesapeake’s Oklahoma City headquarters.

This is sad for those involved, of course, but the company continues to employ 11,000 nationwide, including 3,500 in Oklahoma City.”

The fallout from the layoffs– or that of any other big-name company for that matter- may rankle people looking for new jobs in Tulsa, OK. By-county unemployment rate analysis for Oklahoma showed 17 counties– most of them in the southeast– registering rates between 6.4% and 9.2%; the state employment commission also keeps apace through a layoff/plant close tracking system. If your employer put you in a list of lay-offs with due cause, you must start your comeback trail by processing your work applications through a placement service like Barracuda Staffing, Inc.

A check of the job openings at your preferred placement provider may turn up some leads once you’ve turned in a copy of your resume. Consulting a recruitment specialist may also reveal if the skills you developed in the previous company are what your prospective employers need for their team. Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler explained that the 800 layoffs were from several departments including accounting, legal, and operations; 160 of the departures worked at other offices around the country.

A company processing applications for jobs in Tulsa may have some companies in need of people with a bigger wealth of experience. According to Helman, the layoff was the last act of a process that earlier saw 1,200 people separated from the firm, including a number of senior-level and management employees.

Being laid off from a company you dedicated yourself to for years is not the end of the world, even after you get your severance package. There are still companies out there who need what you have to offer, and with a little help from companies like Barracuda Staffing, you’ll surely find them.

(Source: Chesapeake Bloodbath: 800 Layoffs As ‘Transformation Work Is Finished’, Forbes, 8 October 2013)

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