Refitting Veterans to Assume Tulsa Jobs in Their Civilian Tour of Duty

Translating Veterans Skills

Refitting Veterans to Assume Tulsa Jobs in Their Civilian Tour of Duty

Refitting Veterans to Assume Tulsa Jobs – Explore our blog for insights on helping veterans transition successfully into new careers

Despite a drop at the start of 2013, the unemployment rate for veterans remains at around 6.2 percent. The younger generation of vets—those who served in Iraq and Afghanistan—has higher rates of unemployment. As President Barack Obama said, “No veteran should have to fight for a job at home after they fight for our nation overseas.” Tulsa-based recruitment agency Barracuda Staffing believes veterans are still capable of great service even after leaving the military.

For a veteran, finding a good job is simply a matter of translating his skills to fit jobs in Tulsa or elsewhere. There are more skills developed in the U.S. Military than simply knowing how to fire a gun. Depending on the branch of the military he was in, a serviceman can utilize his skills—such as driving a Humvee or flying a C-130—for civilian use. Of course, in his new line of work, the battle is no longer against terrorists and insurgents but versus the stresses of civilian life. Instead of saving ammo for the next fight, he’ll be saving money for the future.

According to experts, it’s best for a veteran to start planning for civilian life a year before he leaves the military. With social media on his side, he can easily look for a job and update his profile to include his past line of work, as well as his interests. Building social connections can increase a veteran’s chances of getting a job as a civilian, yet still keep the things he learned at boot camp.

It’s also important to note that the definition of the term “veteran” doesn’t only refer to those on the front lines. Veterans also include military personnel who served the nation on desk duty; they’re called non-combat veterans. Although combat and non-combat veterans may be seen as leagues apart, the two types are equally important in military service. Just as combat soldiers have corresponding civilian jobs suited to and waiting for them, non-combat veterans have theirs.

Apart from using social media, veterans should also seek professional help from staffing agencies. These agencies offer a quick way for them to be referred to the appropriate jobs in Tulsa OK and provide an invaluable service, collecting info and helping with the paperwork needed by potential employers.

Military training is extensive and thorough. With a wide range of skills honed by years of training and selfless service, a veteran has excellent chances of getting into a wider scope of jobs than regular civilians. If you’re a veteran or soon to be one, make the necessary preparations before leaving and do not forget to consult a staffing agency.

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