Am I Considered a Job Jumper?

Three Types of Job Jumpers

Like many employees, you may frequently change jobs for a variety of reasons. However, many employers still view job jumping as an obstacle to hiring. Because they want longevity and a greater return on investment, many hiring managers would rather bring aboard candidates who remain in positions for at least two years. To combat this… Read More »

3 Building Blocks to a Solid Manufacturing Career

Build a Solid Manufacturing Career

The workforces at many manufacturing facilities are aging. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that approximately 10,000 baby boomers are retiring each day. This creates an abundance of openings in senior roles waiting to be filled by younger workers. If you want to be one of those employees moving up the corporate ladder,… Read More »

Dress to Impress – What to Wear to an Interview 101

What to Wear to an Interview

How you dress for an interview says a lot about you. Because your image is your personal brand, you want to stand out and be memorable for the right reasons. Since the first impression determines how the hiring manager emotionally reacts to you, it can be the deciding factor between whether you’re offered a job… Read More »

Is Your Company Experiencing Growing Pains? 3 Ways to Combat Them.

Growing Pains in Your Business?

Every business goes through growing pains. No matter the size of the company, problems always will exist. However, early-stage companies tend to feel more pressure than later-stage ones because there typically are fewer resources at their disposal. Because you need to work on your business to help it expand, here are three ways to combat… Read More »

Failure to Plan (HR Policies)

HR policies and interviewing

  HR policies are put in place to guide your employees and protect yourself and your company. But what happens when those policies aren’t written out, completely defined, or aren’t even there at all? Even if you believe that your policies are understood, it could be misconstrued through word of mouth or disregarded since it… Read More »