5 Traits to Look for in Your Next Recruiter

Hiring a Staffing Recruiter

When hiring a staffing recruiter, there are specific traits to look for. Although every recruiter is different, the best ones have a number of characteristics in common. When hiring a staffing recruiter, focus on finding these five traits. 1. Relationships A top recruiter acts as a confidential sounding board, workforce/workplace expert and friend. A recruiter… Read More »

If You’ve Had Bad Experiences with Other Staffing Agencies

Bad Experiences with Staffing Agencies

In the world of staffing agencies, not all are created equal. We’re well aware of the assumptions that surround staffing agencies, and we understand that past negative experiences can leave you skeptical. If you’ve been wondering what sets Barracuda apart, let us put your doubts to rest. Transparency: Putting You First At Barracuda, we believe… Read More »

Appropriate Body Language in an Interview

I’m back with more tips on how to crush your interviews! Let’s talk about appropriate interview body language. I know that this may be a surprising topic because you wouldn’t normally think there is much to it, but it’s something everyone needs to be mindful of. Not thinking about your body language during the interview… Read More »

How to Create the Best First Impression with Your Resume

Your Resume and First Impression: Elevate your career prospects with expert guidance from Barracuda Staffing. When you submit a resume for a position, it is the first impression that the hiring manager will have of you. It’s imperative that you make sure that it reflects the best of what you’ve done, and is clear and… Read More »

10 Things You Shouldn’t Wear to an Interview

what not to wear to an interview

Make a Lasting Impression: What Not to Wear to an Interview It may seem self-explanatory that these things are not interview attire, but let’s go over them anyway.  Excessive Perfume or Cologne Put the bottle down, or else you might suffocate your interviewer. While you don’t want to smell bad, a thorough shower should be… Read More »